About Onogo
About Us

Our Purpose

We love technology and making products perform in highly competitive markets.

Our Mission

Developing partnerships and technologies to enable growth, 1000s of products at a time on Global marketplaces.

Proud to be placed as a TOP 1% Amazon Global Marketplace seller

Who Are We

Onogo grew from a garden shed in 2008 and today we manage and automate over 65,000 product listings on 20 global marketplaces in over 12 different currencies. Our key factors for success include three key pillars distribution, people and software.

Onogo was born in 2008 in Jersey, part of the Channel Islands. After 14 years in global marketplaces. We have an insatiable thirst for growth. Today as Elite Sellers we have honed our skills and experiences and operate at pace daily to be placed as top 1% seller in the 3m+ sellers worldwide.  We’ve developed bespoke software and business practices to enable us to power over 1.5 million marketplace sales per year. Our team remains our main competitive advantage and we work hard to support our values and culture as a team.

Onogo has won “Jersey Good Business” status and continues to work locally and operate and connect globally.

Why onogo?

What makes us different

Customer Response
Countries Sold Into
Products Shipped

At Onogo, we achieve over 1.5 million annual sales on Amazon, serving customers in 60 countries. With our 24/7 customer service team, we ensure a swift average global response time of just 3 hours.

No more worries about irritated customers emailing you during your time off.

Partnering with us means simplified business operations, improved customer reviews, increased profitability, and more time for your core business. Let us handle Amazon management while you focus on developing alternative channels to reduce dependence on Amazon.

We are dedicated to collaborating with brands that aim to enhance their Amazon sales without the hassle.
Our goals align with yours, ensuring mutual success.


Proven results from real brands

Worldwide operations

Multi-marketplace sellers

We are a multi-platform seller, listing over 60000 products internationally across 20+ marketplaces including all major Worldwide platforms for Amazon and Ebay, as well as Rakuten and CDiscount.

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